terça-feira, 18 de dezembro de 2012

Christmas mood activated

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Loot disse...

conheci ontem, excepcional :D

Rosie disse...

Ouvi isto ontem através do facebook deles e fiquei logo encantada. Já é a minha versão de Natal de eleição :)

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Give a clue, the task was finished, but fan people it's hard to say is satisfactory. 6 days of evening, in the battle of appraise is last always, 30 thousand fan shout the spot Gao Hongbo finishs class. They are not malcontent nation base people psychosis, it is ability tactics content really too low.
On the press conference, the reporter asks Gao Hongbo directly, how does fan of look upon spot cry go out finish class sound? Guide high say, seem to have nothing to do with match itself evasive this topic. Again the reporter asks, how does aggression of lack of group of look upon nation cover a region? Guide high say, how many what aggression basically sees creation opportunity. We have an opportunity 45 times today, if a ball can create a 34 second opportunities, cannot say difference, just be in hold opportunity respect to make great efforts even.
Such answer, do not have decretal person satisfaction apparently. Last year in May, when Gao Hongbo just assumed office, call the catchword that gave beautiful football, show for national group clear direction holds to the ground to attack, emphasize cooperating fluently quickly. But nowadays, 7 months went, the effect is very not ideal.
Gao Jiajun head battle 1 than 1 stalemate Germany, second battle 1 than 0 small get the better of Iran, when the outside acclaims one piece, reporter Ceng Zhuanwen says not rapid move makes conclusions, was buckled to go up to pour tall tall cap then. Actually, judge an a team, trainer, should be to be in after task of some phase sex is finished, consider summary back and forth again, namely so called history, comprehensive, objective, adj look upon problem. Will rise account to make the same score Syria to battle in May from last year, take Asian cup to give a line to counterpoise, task of the first phase finishs Gao Jiajun. Although the outside is right team performance is malcontent, but be the task that finish after all. Go to Gao Jiajun on this foundation 7 months undertake objective summary, this is afraid finish class to had real sense more than discussing.